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Whoa! It Takes My Child to Raze a Village X! was a phenomenal event!

Thank you to all who attended for your incredible patience especially with room changes (totally my fault for locking the keys in the Youth Barn), your patience with being crammed inside most of the day, and when we ran out of carrots and chocolate pudding.

Thank you for attending and being awesome! Thank you to Their Majesties of the Midrealm, King Cellach and Queen Vukasin! Thank you for joining in on our silly traditions and for installing our new Baron & Baroness of North Woods in their own Canton at Wealdlake’s own event! It made the day just that much more special! Thank you so much!

Thank you to our outgoing Baron & Baroness of North Woods Maxis-Bob & Gwenllyen your support these last five years has been phenomenal. Thank you for helping with Teaching Court and quacking us up and pelting people with rats!

Innumerable Thanks to the new Baron and Baroness of North Woods! Thank you for supporting me thirteen years ago when I first had that seemingly pipe-dream of a family-focused SCA event. Thank you for the past 10+ years of building, sewing, painting, carrying, pizza-fetching, shopping, scroll-making, setups, teardowns, gophering, brainstorming, activity-running, teaching, cleaning, cooking, funding, praying, staging in your living room, piles of random craft supplies, being my guinea pigs, and everything else you’ve done. I can only think of three people (Sarah, Emily, Rachel) who are lucky enough to have parents as transcendently phenomenal as you.

Thank you to my Friday Evening Set-up Crew - Lord Lambert & Lord Seamus who could not attend the event but helped for hours and hours with set-up (and tear-down), The Heart of the Shepherd Tween Bible Study group (Extra Thank you to their parents for letting them come!), THL Finnian MacFinn, Baron Aindle & Baroness Aliyah, and Lady Helena Falkenstein. Your hard work made Saturday morning smooth sailing!

Thank you to the Early-birds - the Saturday Morning Set-up crew - Kav, Jordan of Starleaf Gate (2018 White Feather), Lady Karlana, Lord Amy Lytwood (2013 White Feather) and friend, Nico of Wealdlake (2016? White Feather), Lord Owen and friends your help was incredible - we’ve never been done with set-up so early before!

A Special Shout-out to Kav’s Krew and Baron odo de Eu for their stellar service - they jumped in and covered all of the empty Guard Duty slots. Your sacrifice did not go unnoticed. I am incredibly grateful.

Thank you to Lady Aine & Lady Odelia for running Registration/Gate/Troll all day and the assistants who jumped in to help make the line shorter (I’m sorry I can’t remember who you were!)

A great big thank you to the Event Photographers: Phil, Isabel, Morgan, Wendy your photos are inspirational. (I’m thinking we might need a special album just for ITMC X!)

Thank you so much to the Laurels (who skipped the Laurel Retreat and) volunteered for the Tournament of Arts, Jr. We may have only had one youth participant, but she reports that she had fun and learned lots! Thank you Sir RanthulfR, Mistress Arina de Traentorp, Mistress Dulcinea, Master odo, Mistress Fionna, Mistress Eva, and Dame Estelle for being willing!

Many thanks to the Marshals-in-Charge - Master Kaz, Lord Velvet, Forester Grey, Countess Aibhilin ni Dhomhnaill & Count Tarquin the Red without you our Martial Arts Challenges would not exist. Thank you also to Sir Jocelyn and all the folks who stepped in to challenge the kids and give our Marshals a hand!

A special shoutout to Master Kaz for serving at all 10 ITMCTRAV events!

A HUGE THANK YOU to my Teachers (of all ages) your patience with me was impeccable --you taught a combined total of 214 students!!! Katherine MacDermot (2016 Gold Link), Mistress Fionna, THLady Damiana, Yang Bing-Zhi (2017 Silver Guard) and his assistant Yang Bing-Xin (2018 Silver Guard), Lady Sadb,, Baroness Gwenllyen, Sgt. Criomthann CuRua, THLady Siri, Lord Tommy (2013 Gold Link, 2015 White Feather), Lord Amy, Lady Angharad, Mistress Dulcinea, Lady Eloise, Lady Artemesia, Primus Aurelius Leonatus Lucius, Xenia, John of Altenberg (2018 Green Leaf), Lady Noelle, Lady Danna, Sgt. Vigfuss, Lord Kjell, Warder Martyn, Lord Thorfin, Master Nigellus, Baroness Catherine, THLady Lucia, Lord Finnian, Lord Roderick

Thank you Lady Helena Falkenstein and your Kitchen Crew: Mistress Jervisa, Lady Taddea, THLord Rurik, Lord Thomas Pickinganewname, Zach & Jack Van Slooten, and John of Altenberg! You guys rocked my socks off!

Another big thank you to Mistress Anthoinette! For ten years of phenomenal support, not just here at the Prime ITMC but also at all of the ITMCTRAV: Pennsic Editions!!! You dressed my parents, provided the Service Wall, and were spectacular in your Shushing duties! Thank you so much!

Thank you so much to THLady Ceara & Lady Artemisia for your fabulous job with teaching Court (I got to sit down for three minutes!!!)

A big QUACKING Thank You to His Majesty and His squires for their LEGENDARY start to the Duckling Race! It was one of my favorite parts of the whole day!

Sgt Vigfuss I am inspired by your incredible help! I can’t even enumerate how awesome you were -- although you should work on your TOOOL training! ;) Seriously though, you decreased my stress-level by at least 70%!

Thank you to Baroness Aliyah for being Royalty Liaison and Lady Helena’s Kitchen Crew for the awesome assist

Warder Tristan Silvertoes and Lady Gredechen Lopsengen for making the Champion badges! They’re so awesome!

Thank you Baroness Katayoun for answering a million questions and making hosting Royalty for the first time such an incredible experience!

Thank you Countess Katerina for your hotel help.Thank you to The Canton of Wealdlake for letting me test this idea 10 years ago. Thank you for all of your hard work and support!

Thank you so much to Baroness Gwenllyen’s volunteer Pirate Clean-up Crew - you saved strangers from being press-ganged into all kinds of service!

Thank you to my Pelican Master Max, and my protege sisters for all your pre-event prepwork.

A gargantuan thank you to Lady Bryn Archer - for 8 years as my co-event steward, for 10 years of Court setup and event teardown, reminding me of things, helping everywhere before I can even tell you what to do, handling so many fires before I even know they’re burning, handling the ToA, Jr. after I basically just dumped it in your lap last week, and so many other things. Thank you so much. (P.S. I miss your dog.)

A Humongous THANK YOU to my Brother-in-law, Lord Horatio Archer, our Ice Cream Social rocks thanks to your Homebrew Root Beer, Thank you for helping run the A&S Challenge, for putting crayons in a jar, for sanitizing the education wing, and helping in a myriad of ways. Your help is marvelous!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you to Baroness Aliyah my co-event steward, and THLady Siri Toivosdotter my Deputy Event Steward for everything you did for this event. I feel horrid for forgetting the scroll covers you and Tommy and Owen and everyone worked so hard on. My still-burnt fingers haven’t forgiven myself either.

And a special “I’m still blown away” thank you to Siri, Bryn, and Mom for the gorgeous apron. I am totally speechless!

Thank you to all!!!